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Hi, I'm Sean, I've been a professional hacker since 1980. I'm a BSD Unix person since before even then (dialups were fun), worked at CS.CMU.EDU for two decades as a research hacker in various capacities, followed by ... a lot of startups.

I am available for work engagements of any size.

A Couple Things...

904 words in 2 posts between 2024-02-27 and 2024-02-28 (less than a day)

Do One Thing Well

39 words by Sean Levy written on 2024-02-28, last edit: 2024-02-28, tags: philosophy

Don't write any more code than necessary. When you break this rule... well don't break it. But if you must break this rule... still don't break it.

Above all else: Do. One. Thing. Well.

Good morning ... read more

Prototype-based OO: Using Typescript in Perl Projects

865 words by Sean Levy written on 2024-02-27, last edit: 2024-02-27, tags: makemaker, npm, oo, perl, prototypes, toolchain, typescript

Okay yeah even old beardos come to typescript eventually. It's kind of a bit like coming home for me but I'm still living most of my time on the strange little island of Perl. I mean the rent is paid through the ... read more

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