Welcome to the Clue Factory

The Clue Factory is a software design and development consultancy with expertise in the following areas:

The Clue Factory was founded by me, Sean Levy, as an avenue for my free-lance and open-source work. I have been hacking for my bread for almost 30 years, on everything from PDP-11's to large multiprocessor clusters on some of the world's busiest networks. I am also a dual Mexican/American citizen and am fluent in both English and Spanish.

I am responsible for several open-source projects, and have been lucky enough on occasion to get paid by the man for writing open-source software. I lean towards the BSD side of the Unix world; I particularly favor OpenBSD but also am a heavy user of FreeBSD and Linux (mainly Debian-based distributions).

Most of my working life has been spent writing code in C, which is still the systems' implementation language of record in most of the computational world, its age not withstanding. I also work extensively in Perl, JavaScript and LISP in its various forms.

Affiliated Sites and Projects

We maintain several other web sites here, including: