Work for Hire

Work for hire is a simple idea: you tell me what you want done, we wrangle out what it means and what the rules of engagement are, we agree on an hourly rate and on a contract, and we're ready to go. I work, you pay. What I do on your dime is owned by you. I do everything in my power to ensure that what you own is not needlessly leaked or made available to anyone and you let me use the tools and techniques I think are best to make whatever it is you want come into being.

Not all kinds of work are appropriate for this kind of engagement. Software products that include substantial intellectual property concerns, and which are being sold as products instead of services typically do not fit well with this approach.

Furthermore, I tend to use open-source software, either of my own devising, or by other good hackers on the 'net. In some situations, this might be a concern for a client which cannot be addressed in a simple work-for-hire arrangement.

My answer to these concerns is that not every client is right for The Clue Factory, and vice versa. I have found that by setting limits on the kinds of engagements I take, I create a more pleasant situation for those involved in the engagements that I do take on, and it all works out.