Open-Source Software

I held several research programming positions at and around CMU from 1988 to 2004. It was there that I was first introduced to open-source software, although I had experienced hacker culture and the concept of sharing what you do as a tourist on MIT's ITS systems via the ARPAnet. I especially remember the comment block at the top of the ITS TECO source code as an early inspiration.

My own adventures in open-source have varied. I have submitted patches and improvements to various open-source projects over the years, especially while in the employ of CMU where such work was generally encouraged. I have also released a few pieces of software that I've written under BSD licenses. Most of it was released under the premise that I might as well put it out there since I wrote it and use it myself as opposed to being part of some master plan or project.

In addition to larger projects I also write copious numbers of small utilities and scripts, mostly in Perl. I am increasingly using GitHub to publish my open-source projects, and maintain FreeCode project pointers for a few of them.

Projects Past and Present

These are some of the things I have worked on, not all of which I have handily available in web-accessible form; please feel free to drop me a line: